Weekly round up - translation, productive habits and procrastination

Writing a blog post each week is hard. Especially when you have a kid, a job, a wife, friends, a hobby and a paper due in 3 weeks. So here is just a quick one for this week.

First the overwhelming change in Google Translate (you really should check it out). They applied some neural network magic to it and now have really good translations. This is awesome. It seems also that the AI created its own language.

Google’s researchers think their system achieves this breakthrough by finding a common ground whereby sentences with the same meaning are represented in similar ways regardless of language – which they say is an example of an “interlingua”. In a sense, that means it has created a new common language, albeit one that’s specific to the task of translation and not readable or usable for humans.
newscientist.com - Google Translate AI invents its own language to translate with

There is this article nytimes.com - The Great A.I. Awakening that I really need to read.

Second thing is this app: productiveapp.io. I really did drink enough water this week. Also, I’m writing this blog post. Ain’t I?
Third procrastination. I’m good at it. Not writing the paper but a blog post instead, my plants have water the kitchen is clean and so on. Well. Then let’s get back to work…