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Cross Repository Action Triggers Using GitHub Actions

February 06, 2019

Cross Repository GitHub Action Triggering Wow what a title. While developing the reference for our project Basil.js we ran into the following problem. We are... Read more → → →

openFrameworks - App Crashes After Transfer to Another Computer

April 06, 2018

!Note: Actually written on 29.11.2017 I had a learning today that I want to share with you because it will reappear again and again when... Read more → → →

My Rant on Development Practices

April 06, 2018

!Note: I wrote this actually on 01.08.2017 but never published it. So here it goes! There are already a lot of rants about the state... Read more → → →

The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything

April 06, 2018

!Note: Actually written on 27.01.2018 but never got published. There are four simple steps to the Feynman Technique, which I’ll explain below: Choose a Concept... Read more → → →

Gated Communities

April 06, 2018

Whenever I come across a Facebook link I feel like: “ohh noooo, this path leeds into a gated community, where the land lord has cameras... Read more → → →