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ein neuer Tiefpunkt der BTC Ära

April 16, 2021

Grundsätzlich mag ich ja die Idee von dezentralem und unabhängigen Geld, aber Kohle Kraftwerke wieder anwerfen um BTC zu schürfen ist ein neuer Tiefpunkt. “A... Read more → → →

Misc Links from the interwebs

April 13, 2021

Links Again Writing Ink interactive story authoring language https://www.inklestudios.com/ink/ VSCode Bash IDE Visual Studio Code extension utilizing the bash language server, that is based on... Read more → → →

Rename a GitHub Repo with a Linked Netlify Project

August 05, 2020

Rename a GitHub Repo with a Linked Netlify Project So what needs to be done before you do that ⤴? stop all builds disable auto... Read more → → →

Cross Repository Action Triggers Using GitHub Actions

February 06, 2019

Cross Repository GitHub Action Triggering Wow what a title. While developing the reference for our project Basil.js we ran into the following problem. We are... Read more → → →

openFrameworks - App Crashes After Transfer to Another Computer

April 06, 2018

!Note: Actually written on 29.11.2017 I had a learning today that I want to share with you because it will reappear again and again when... Read more → → →