Things 3 or not?

May 19, 2017

The people at Culturecode updated Things from v2 to v3. There is no upgrade pricing. Which is understandable after so many years of development. I’m asking myself now: “Should I spend the 50€ (macOS + iOS) version?” The thing (lowercase) is I moved on. I didn’t start Things (upper case) for a long time. I moved on to Taskpaper, but even these are not part of my daily habits. After I first evaluation of the trial app, I still wasn’t convinced that I should move back.

This seems the biggest challenge for me. The feeling I’m moving backward.

If you have any thoughts on this contact @fmoronzirfas me on Twitter1.

  1. While I’m writing this Twitter is down (2017-05-19 13:55). How to get news if Twitter is down and whats up when your standard service for checking such things is affected?