Fabian; blogging like it was {{Year minus 10}}

Awesome @ubernauten

May 30, 2017

Did I mention before1 that I moved my site to uberspace.de? The best web hosting service I ever encountered. Not only do they have a... Read more → → →

No Monday morning without wired problems…

May 29, 2017

Does every Monday have to start with wired problems? iTerm2 can’t connect over ssh to our remote server. Terminal can. After a reboot, everything works...

Just remember that keycombo for π

May 25, 2017

⌥ + p is π.

My thing with Setapp is…

May 24, 2017

The idea of Setapp is great. Having a subscription model for all those lovely apps and just paying 9.99$ per month is very intriguing. My... Read more → → →

JSONfeed and real problems

May 24, 2017

The hype around this effort reminds me of the hype at the start of Atom. Thankfully the personal stuff does not seem to be coming... Read more → → →